WESTCON Shipyards i Karmsund

 The department is located at Kolstøneset on Karmøy and offers large dry docks and
mechanical workshops. Westcon Karmsund carries out service and maintenance on vessels up to
20 000 dwt.
The dry dock is the main attraction, and services and repairs can be carried out on
fishing vessels and offshore vessels from Norway, the Shetland Islands, The Faroe
Islands, and Scotland. The mechanical workshop can carry out repairs, and fabricate
new machine components for the ships in dock


Dry dock specifications:
Max. vessel length: 120 m
Max. vessel width: 30 m
Max. vessel draft /depth: 8,1 m
Can take vessels up to 20 000 dwt
Equipment for shaft pulling and rudder dismantling
2 Azimuth shafts
Hydraulic side supports
Dock crane: 20 t

Plating and welding hall
Piping workshop with crane: 20 t
Separate mechanical workshop with crane: 20 t

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